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Sepior ApS


Sepior offers the following application optimized MPC-based toolsets and solutions:

Sepior™ ThresholdSig: Institutional-grade, threshold signing for digital asset wallets.

Enabling disruptive new levels of transaction security, liquidity, and performance for some of the largest financial services firms in the world

Sepior™ Threshold KMS: Distributed key management for distributed applications

Decentralizing key management to provide granular privacy control for truly collaborative, decentralized blockchain services

Sepior™ Threshold KMaaS: Cloud-native, Key Management as a Service

Multi-cloud distributed KMaaS platform delivering total customer encryption key management and BYOK.

About Sepior

Sepior provides cryptographic key management software, toolsets, and consulting services to help businesses and service providers to preserve the privacy and security of their own or customers’ data.

Based in Aarhus Denmark, Sepior was founded in 2014 by a team of cryptographers that are widely considered to be foremost among MPC’s founding researchers. Most recently, Sepior led the founding of the MPC Alliance.

Many of Sepior’s core team members worked together in 2008 to develop the world’s first commercial implementation of multiparty computation (MPC) for the Danish Sugar Beet Auctions. Since 2013, the team has focused on optimizing the performance and scale of MPC for cryptographic key management.

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The company is private, well-funded, and has customers which are some of the largest financial services and IaaS providers in the world.

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